Saudi perestroika

 Saudi perestroika
Chibli Mallat, 22 May 2016

Change is comin at an unprecedented pace in Saudi Arabia, long the kingdom of silence and gerontocracy. The economic crisis that has hit Riyadh is turning structural, with the falling price of oil and few prospects, more

متى كان الوصف مغلوطاً قانونياً

  متى كان الوصف مغلوطاً قانونياً
 شبلي ملاّط
يشكل قرار مجلس التعاون الخليجي اعتبار «حزب الله» إرهابياً «بكافة قادته وفصائله والتنظيمات التابعة له والمنبثقة عنه» بحسب القوانين الخليجية،

Publication of collective book on nonviolence at OUP is pleased to announce the publication of a groundbreaking book on nonviolence at Oxford University Press

Civil Resistance in the Arab Spring

Triumphs and Disasters

Edited by Adam RobertsMichael J. WillisRory McCarthy

The book includes nine country-based chapters by outstanding scholars, and an important conclusion by Adam Roberts.