Mallat.com is one of the first websites established in the Middle East. Since 1995, when it launched, the site has been providing a multiple focus reflecting the unusual trajectory of the founder of Mallat Law Offices, Wajdi Mallat (1919-2010). At the time of the launch, the former Minister and president of the Beirut Bar had been elected by the Lebanese Parliament, then by his peers, as the President of the Lebanese Constitutional Council. This explains the dominant legal dimension of Mallat.com.

There is another, no less important dimension. It is cultural, in the large adab (culture, literature) sense of the word. This reflects the attachment to all forms of art, alongside law as both practice and ideal in a society. Chibli Mallat (1875-1961), the Poet of the Cedars, and his older brother Tamer (1850-1914), a famous poet in his own right and a leading judge during the Ottoman period, set the tone in the 19th century.

Mallat.com continues the dual legacy of law and adab. The site provides books in law and literature, art work produced in the region, including links to people and institutions closely connected with the firm. It fosters open discussion on a wide range of topics, and provides general and more specificmaterial mostly related to the legal and cultural Middle East.