Daily Star Law Page

From November 1996, when it was launched, to June 1998, the Beirut Daily Star carried ten law pages under the editorship of Chibli Mallat.
The selection of the old Law Pages


21 October 2010
Iraqi refugees: Mobilizing for Lana and the rights of abused women
IRAP helps escapees navigate maze of interviews, document reviews, security and medical procedures
, Chibli Mallat

7 October 2010
The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the staring abyss and what must be done about it, Chibli Mallat

23 September 2010
Stand up for rule of law in Tunisia: Support Judge Yahyaoui and colleagues, Kamel Labidi
A federal Israel-Palestine: Ending 100 years of civil war in the Holy Land?, Chibli Mallat

2 September 2010
Madhat al-Mahmood, chief justice of Iraq: Portrait of the judge as hero
The constitutional crisis in Iraq: What can the Federal Supreme Court do?, Chibli Mallat

19 August 2010
Jaafar al-Sadr: A confluence prime minister for Iraq
Federalism and Islam: New scholarly perspectives
Tamara Chalabi's late for Tea at the Deer Palace, Chibli Mallat

29 July 2010
After Kosovo: Secession in the Midlle East
Serbia's legal council says court verdict opened Pandora's box
Sebastien Malo ICJ ruling on Kosovo: Excerpts, Chibli Mallat

8 July 2010
The return of presidential intolerance and impunity, Chibli Mallat
The case for Hugo Arce: presentation, Gabriela Arce
Osman's deadly article lambasting Barzani, Zardasht Osman
A disguised assassination in long-suffering Guatemala, Karen Fischer
The Guatemala president's connections to the drug cartel, Hugo Arce 

24 June 2010
Law, war and Petraeus doctrine: How to take democracy seriously in Iraq and the AfPak theater, Chibli Mallat
Aid flotilla and legal remedies: can the world court rescue the rule of law?, David Beatty

18 June 2010
Iraq in search of leadership: JMBS, SM, FM, Chibli Mallat
Iraqi Political Theology: A stay with the Najaf marja‘iyya, Jihad al-Zein

3 June 2010
Obama's security strategy: Frustration, not hope, Chibli Mallat
However utopian, president's virage has merits, Robert Fossaert
‘We promote our values by living them’, US administration's report

20 May 2010
Saving the Euro: No Exit for Greece?, Chibli Mallat
Excerpts of UN Security Council's draft on new Iran sanctions

6 May 2010
Disappearing Christians: The Vatican Synod for the churches of the Middle East, John Donohue
Reversing Christian disappearance from the Middle East: three legal proposals to condider, Chibli Mallat 

1 April 2010
Democracy in Iraq beyond the elections, Chibli Mallat
Supreme Court's opinion on Article 76 of Iraqi Constitution
Sequence of top appointments based on Constitution, Andrew Allen
The elusive proportionality in Iraq, Muayyad al-Chalabi

18 March 2010
The law has teeth: building on judicial decisions, Chibli Mallat
Europe's highest court rejects preferential EU treatment for products made in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory, Christopher Lund
European Court of Justice: Goods manufactured in West Bank settlement cannot be considered 
‘made in Israel’, Court of Justice of the European Union

11 March 2010
Middle East democracy and the empty dialogue with Europe, Chibli Mallat
Obstacles to presidential change in Egypt: what El-Baradei and others face, Marina Ottaway

25 February 2009
Barack Obama's 
‘just war’: international law or unilateral action?, James Rowles
The islamic Republic invites the United States to a mad tea-party, Solmaz Copeland
The perils and repercussions of Kosovo's independence, Sebastien Malo

11 February 2010
Fighting for rule of law in Iraq: Why Iraqis should uphold judiciary's decision on polls, Chibli Mallat
The Abd al-Amir decision: Iraq Cassation Chamber rules that disqualified candidates can run, but cannot sit in Parliament before their 
‘democratic credentials’ are confirmed, Special Cassation Chamber, Iraq
The DS law page in full

14 January 2010
Was it a historic breakthrough in Israel when Jews and non-Jews marched together for rights?, Chibli Mallat
New human rights horizons for Israel and Palestine, Noam Sheizaf
The difficulty with setting a new course for the American Ship of State, James Rowles

31 December 2009
Why hold Israeli democracy to higher standards?, Joel Zinberg
Restoring philosophy of law to its rightful place, George Saad
Imprisonment without trial: The continuing Guantanamo injustice, Owen Fiss

17-24 December 2009
Obama's just war speech: Three questions for 
‘the Middle East in the United States’, Chibli Mallat
Obama's Nobel speech [PartII]
‘A conversation to be had’ on war and law: Obama's Nobel Speech, Chibli Mallat

10 December 2009
Is Israel a democracy?, Chibli Mallat
Association for civil rights in Israel - Report on human rights and democracy, Report

3 December 2009
UK Iraq Inquiry
The march to war in Iraq: Human rights on weapons of mass destruction?, Chibli Mallat?

‘Not a court, but lessons to be learnt’, John Chilcot
No justice from America for torture plaintiff, Arar, decision in US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit
See also DS LawPage 7 July 2009, Restoring full rule of law to America: indemnity torture victims, Owen Fiss

26 November 2009
New York trial of September 11 mastermind: On law and terror, David Feige
Backroom presidential 
‘polls’ underline European Union's democratic deficit, Chibli Mallat

19 November 2009
Fighting corruption: Identifying foundational obstacles and new directions, Hiram Chodosh
Iraq at a crossroads: Constitutional Review Committee fills in crucial gaps, Haidar Hamoudi & Chibli Mallat

12 November 2009
Postmortem Afghanistan: The iron law of a world class election farce, Chibli Mallat
Lebanese Council of State: Post-hoc modification of exam rules violates equality principles

5 November 2009
Without identifying the underlying causes, we cannot combat corruption, Hiram Chodosh
The Golan Heights between violence and law: reporting from Syria, Franklin Lamb
Navigating the Najaf mantra with the four grand ayatollahs, Haider Hamoudi

29 October 2009
Spotlight on Richard Murphy- A portrait of Murphy, with an exclusive interview, Chibli Mallat

22 October 2009
Run-off presidential election in Afghanistan is ill--advised, Chibli Mallat
Combatting world's corruption is a slippery business, Hiram Chodosh

15 October 2009
Heuristics and Loya Jirga for the Afghan morass, Chibli Mallat
Widespread election fraud was easily preventable: Former UN official, Peter Galbraith
EU observation mission concerned over election fraud, Report

8 October 2009
Saving the special Tribunal for Lebanon from failure: a response to Jamil al-Sayyed and Antonio Cassese, Chibli Mallat
Neither Sri Lanka nor Israel should have impunity in their ‘wars on terrort’, Anthony Loewenstein
Mapping corruption: why words make a difference, Hiram Chodosh

1 October 2009
Embracing the ICC? US moves back toward international law, Chibli Mallat
Reform from the bottom: How judiciary, civil society can loosen the sectarian grip from Lebanese citizens, Georges Assaf
A state which claims its supreme leader is ‘discovered’ has a very difficult time running itself by and through law, Haider Hamoudi

25 September 2009
Talabani, Barzani and institution-building in Iraq, Chibli Mallat
Corruption and its challenges: the battle to stop a universal problem, Hiram Chodosh

17 September 2009
The failures of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon are lessons to be learned, Chibli Mallat
Excerpts from the report of the UN fact-finding mission on the Gaza conflict, Human Rights Council

10 September 2009
‘Elders’ see growing support among Palestinians for one-state solution, Jimmy Carter
Islamic and/or Middle Eastern Law?, John Donohue
Engaging Carter on the 
‘one state’ solution in Israel-Palestine, Chibli Mallat

01 September 2009
Mystery still shrouds imam's disappearance, Patrick Galey
Sadr's words have as much resonance today as they did over 30 years ago, Patrick Galey and Carol Rizk
Outcry over Megrahi release marks stark contrast against recent deals, Chibli Mallat

27 August 2009
Jalal Talabani: from Kurdish villager to Iraqi president, Chibli Mallat
From law student to president, Jalal Talabani refuses to abandon the moral high ground, Interview
Megrahi debacle: The darker corners of the scottish criminal justice system, Andrew Allen

20 August 2009
For a Federal Israel-Palestine: A human rights response to Benjamin Netanyahu, S.al-Zaeem, M. Aburdaini, C. Mallat

13 August 2009
Children of foreign father declared Lebanese, Lebanese Civil Status Court
Prisoner of opinion: Mohammad Ali Abtahi, Chibli Mallat
How did academic freedom make US universities the best in the world?, Chibli Mallat

6 August 2009
Victory for people of the law in Pakistan, Chibli Mallat
Pakistan Supreme Court v. Pervez Musharraf
Top British Lord Bingham on the rule of law, Droms

30 July 2009
Introduction: Whither Iran? Keeping the Green Revolution non-violent, Chibli Mallat
Saeed Hajjarian: the brain of reformists, Gareth Smyth
How to confront the allegations of organised fraud in the Iranian elections?, Chibli Mallat
Excerpts from Presidential Candidate Mousavi's statement about fraud in the Iranian presidential election

23 July 2009
Introduction. US policy in the Middle East: The rights-based views, Chibli Mallat
America's current stance on Israel-Palestine: Old wine in not even new bottles, Noam Chomsky
Rights at heart: The Obama phenomenon in world political discourse, Jihad el-Zein
Obama's Middle East citizen: the missing link in US policy, Chibli Mallat

16 July 2009
Reconciliation in Iraq: taking the Constitution seriously, Chibli Mallat
‘Food ration’ criteria for parliamentary seats violates Iraqi Constitution, Iraq-Federal Supreme Court
Decision clarifying the date for the next Iraqi Polls, Iraq-Federal Supreme Court

9 July 2009
A legal manifesto for the Lebanese Cabinet: Justice for Rafik Hariri and Moussa Sadr, Chibli Mallat
From Zero-sum conflicts to federalism: Iraqis offer the international community a road forward, Hiram Chodosh
Why an Iraq ruled by law is becoming more hopeful, Haider Hamoudi

29 June 2009
Restoring the full rule of law to America: indemnify torture victims, Owen fiss
A legal Manifesto for Iran's green revolution, Chibli Mallat
Iran's Assembly of experts has power to remove Ayatollah Khamenei, Gareth Smyth

4 January 2008
Pakistan and Lebanon, the same struggle, Hiram Chodosh and Chibli Mallat
Vote Barrack Obama, a global candidate for a global age, Dominique Moisi
Meritocracy is the key to Dubai's limitless ambitions, Afshin Molavi

27 November 2007
Transforming the breakthrough for Israelis and Palestinians in Annapolis, Chibli Mallat
26 wounded as police loyal to Abbas clash with funeral procession, Nasser Shiyoukhi
UAE judge throws rape victim's mother out of courtroom, Barbara Surk

27 November 2007
Can Annapolis restore America's battered credibility in the region?, Allistair Lyon
Cycle of occupation and resistance won't end easily, Atef Saad
Occupied Jerusalem's residents have differing takes on summit, Rebecca Harrison
Illegal settlements pose especially thorny problem for peace process, Alastair Macdonald
Frustrated Palestinian, Israeli youths mull travel abroad to escape conflict, Lianne Gress and Rebecca Harrison

27 September 2007
Lawmakers take every precaution to stay alive until presidential poll, Rym Ghazal
Political impasse means pot of gold for Bekaa cannabis farmers, Tom Perry