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Justice the day after, Chibli Mallat, Iraqi Crisis Report, 8 April 2003

The record of UN apparatchiks and what can no longer be accepted in Iraq, Chibli Mallat, Daily Star, 12 June 2003

Is Mohammed Baqer al-Sadr still relevant, Chibli Mallat, Daily Star, 8 Aug 2003

A murder in the mosque and beyond, Chibli Mallat, Daily Star, 15 Aug 2003

Making Sergio Vieira de Mello's death count, Chibli Mallat, Daily Star, 22 Aug 2003

What ahmed Chalabi should say at the United Nations, Chibli Mallat, Daily Star, 30 Sep 2003

Send 10,000 Turkish human rights monitors not troop, Chibli Mallat, 21 Oct 2003

Democratic Iraq Initiative: Dossier 2002-2003

دفاعاً عن مبادرة العراق الديمقراطي, Chibli Mallat, Nahar, 2 March 2003