Democratic Iraq Initiative

Throughout 2002 and 2003, an effort was carried out to avert the war by calling for a determined, universal pressure to force Saddam Hussein to step down, and for enhancing the chances of an emergent democratic Iraq by calling for the deployment of human rights observers for the transitional period. It became known as the Democratic Iraq Initiative (DII).

Arab Turkish leaders of public opinion, 1 Feb 2003
Statement published with original signatories, Nahar, Daily Star
Additional Signatories

European colleagues endorsement and statement, 10 Feb 2003

Media Coverage, 31 Jan-24 March 2003
In the Midst of war: DII update
Reason Magazine on DII, Tim Cavanaugh
Interviews of Elias Khoury and Chibli Mallat, Die Junge Freiheit (Berlin), Moritz Schwarz
Draft DII UN Security Council Resolution circulates in the US and Europe
Irene Khan, Amnesty International SG: "Human Rights Monitors need to be deployed in Iraq now"
119 Bahraini intellectuals join DII call, Nahar
Iraqi oppositional leaders support the call of the UAE leader for SH to resign
In defence of DII, Chibli Mallat, Nahar
Minority rights group supports human rights monitors deployment, statement by Mark Lattimer, director MRG
Statement of Irene Khan, Amnesty International Secretary General and AI petition
Iraqi opposition calls for human rights monitors, Khaled Oweiss, Reuters

Early western media coverage - 2003
Die initiative von Ghassane Tueini und Chibli Mallat, ADR (German TV, Claudia Kuhland producer)
Human rights focus, Gareth Smyth, Khaleej Times
No peace in ME without justice, Maha al-Azar, Daily Star
War for Iraq, not on Iraq, Gareth Smyth, Financial Times
Tueini and Mallat on Democratic Iraq initiative, Kate Seelye, National Public Radio
US connection of the lebanese lawyer leading the push for Saddam's exile, Robert Fisk, Independent
Australian Radio int'v, Rafael Epstein, ABC
Arabs ask Hussein to go quietly, Nicolas Blanford, Christian Science Monitor
The ins and outs of a one way ticket for Saddam: wishful thinking, Michael young, Daily Star
Strongman's three decade reign has been a nightmare, Nicolas Blanford, Daily Star
Arab intellectuals seek Saddam resignation, Khaled Oweiss, Reuters
Don't make Saddam mad, make him lonely, Nicolas Blanford, Christian Science Monitor