On Iraq, Libya, Srilanka

On Iraq, Libya, Srilanka

Edward Mortimer and Chibli Mallat were active on Srilanka, Iraq and Libya

On 11 August, Mortimer published an oped in the Independent on the continued plight of the Tamils under a vindictive dictatorship

On 14 August, Mallat appeared on a three hour-long talkshow Kalam ennas, LBCI, with anchorman Marcel Ghanem, ‘From Beirut to Baghdad’, to discuss his visit to Iraq to help overcome the constitutional deadlock. He met with the President, the Speaker and the President of the Federal Supreme Court in a visit to Baghdad from 3 to 8 August. This was preceded with a meeting in Beirut with Ahmad Chalabi, who was his host in Iraq, and Walid Joumblat to think ahead common challenges in the Middle East.
On France 24 Arabic tv, on 11 August, Mallat explained on the evening news the steps that facilitated the appointment of a new prime minister.

On Sunday 18 August, the Washington Post published an oped on how to reengage with Libya, authored by Mallat and Duncan Pickard, with whom RN had partnered for a constitutional conference held in Tripoli in June 2013.