Profile: Full articles and interviews

Since 2005

A Compelling Presidency

Before 2005

Le Monde, by Mona Naim

Reuters, by Khaled Oweiss

Reason, by Tim Cavanaugh

The Herald (Glaskow), by Gareth Smith

The Jerusalem Report, by Isabel kreshner and Heidi Kingstone

Danish Radio, by Permille Branning 

Dunya Newspaper (Turkey), by Didem Eryar Unlu

as-Safir (Beirut), by prime minister Selim el-Hoss

L'Orient le Jour, by Carla Henoud

Anis Orient Online, by Anis Hamadeh


In the Media: 

Reuters (on Sistani and Najaf), by Khaled Oweiss

Arab Monitor (on Lebanon)

Daily Star, by Nick Blanford

Ap, by Donna Abu Nasr

Ukaz, on impunity in attempt to assassinate Saudi crown prince

Globe and Mail, on Iraq