RN in Iraq and Israel-Palestine

PR- Beirut, 12 December 2014. RN Chairman Chibli Mallat moved in the past month on two Middle East fronts. In Najaf in Iraq, he was the special host of the University of Kufa, where he delivered a lecture on his work on the enlightened legacy of Najaf scholars, and on nonviolence. He went to Najaf for the fortieth commemoration of the loss of a long-standing companion of RN, scholar sayyed Hasan Bahr al-Uloom, who died prematurely at age 50. The gathering was arranged by Iraqi historic leader and first head of the post-dictator Governing Council of Iraq, the Grand Sayyed Muhammad Bahr al-’Ulum, the late Hasan’s uncle. The ceremony was attended by significant leadership in Iraq, and Mallat’s talk was published in Nahar.

On 11 December, priominent Israeli magazine +972, which is the forrefront of the battle for equality in Israel-Palestine, published an oped by Mallat with the following introduction: “Could the upcoming elections bridge the gap between Israeli Jews and Arabs? Lebanese human rights lawyer Chibli Mallat says that contrary to popular belief, there are more possibilities for cooperation than one might think.”
Najaf talk in Muwaten (daily, Baghdad) and Nahar (daily, Beirut)
+972 oped, 11 December 2014